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Foundry Sand – All You Need To Know

Posted by Admin on July, 26, 2019

Foundry sand is also known as metal casting sand, which is generally made up of supreme quality silica sand that shows unchanging physical characteristics. It is a popular byproduct of the metal casting industry (both ferrous and non-ferrous), where the use of sand as a molding material is a century-old tradition due to some of its specific engineering properties.

All the modern-aged foundry sand manufacturers in Egypt use recycling of the sand to reuse it following various production cycles. According to the industry estimates, manufacturers produce more or less 1,00,00,00,000 lakhs tons of foundry sand every year. Among that amount, 4-7% gets discarded each year to be recycled for the production of other products in various industries.

Properties of Foundry sand:

Silica sand used in the foundries holds supreme quality as IMA-NA (Industrial minerals Association of North America) supplies most of them. Rigidity in showing chemical and physical properties can result in poor quality sand which in turn can cause casting defects. Foundry sand suppliers in Egypt invest specific resources to control the quality issues of their sand systems, and the suppliers perform extensive testing to maintain the consistency level. This ensures the consistency in the compositions of the foundry sand produced and supplied by the individual facility, and this is a great benefit for most of the consumers. The quality of the casting technique is naturally related to the quality of the sand.

Foundry sand is mainly a fine aggregate. After getting properly segregated and screened from a range of metal casting ability discards, these sands are generally used in many of the similar applications where there is a need for traditional construction sands.

With an engineering lookout, it can be said that foundry sand has a lot of characteristics which make them suitable for a number of applications.

Applications of foundry sand:

The market applications of foundry sand can be broken down in three groups, which are –

1. Construction and highway – construction projects often required granular materials so that the sites can be leveled effectively. These are also used in creating berns and building embankments. Perfectly manufactured foundry sand performs well in cases of preparing bases under roads and paved structures. Flowable fill is another major application of foundry sand which is to control CLSM or controlled low-strength material.

2. Aggregate substitutes – in such applications recycled foundry sand is used as a substitute of other good aggregates in any other bounded products. The maximum amount is used in the manufacturing of feedstock and fine aggregate. Foundry sand is also used as a raw material in making the products bricks, ready-mix concrete, blocks, pavers, ceramic tiles, mortars, grouts, etc.

3. Manufactured soils – foundry sand is exclusively used in soil blending due to its 3Cs, which are consistency, color, and composition. In urban locations, scientists and experts of the soil who work for various landscaping and nursery companies, manufacture soils with the process of blending a lot of recycled materials and organic substance.

Foundry sand exporters in Egypt supply the finest quality products to their worldwide clients which are prepared using advanced sieve analysis method.

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